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An audio lead magnet is your win-win solution to creating an asset that grows your list AND creates scalable connections with your audience. 


Our users have seen 
more than 20 million downloads

Just ask Alyssa Hall, who created a lead magnet with Hello Audio that grew her list by 763% in just 9 days.

“If you’re any type of business that’s talking to need Hello Audio.

Not all your clients have the time to sit in front of their computer and watch whatever valuable information you’re giving them. They want to actively listen while doing other things.

Hello Audio lets you make that possible for them. And anyone who has a business can find a way to make Hello Audio work for them” 
-Alyssa Hall

Attract with Audio LIVE Get it DONE Week!

📅 Monday, April 22nd - Sunday, May 5th 
For the first time ever, we're running a "get it done" round of Attract with Audio!

What's included?

✅ 2-week experience with accountability and motivation that follows the audio course material

✅ Popup Facebook group to hang out with other audio peeps who are doing the work to launch their audio lead magnets

✅ 2x Voxer Office Hours so you can get personal and private answers to your Qs about the course (think 1:1 coaching and feedback)

✅ 🏁 And if you complete an audio lead magnet by the deadline, we'll promote your audio asset to our email list 🥳🏆

Your Audience Is Consuming More Audio

Over 88% of US adults (that’s 250 million Americans) are listening to voice content on their smartphones.

These numbers have climbed steadily upwards over the years as more and more people have come to love consuming audio content on-the-go.

→ So what does all this mean for you?

It means that if you want to reach your audience where they're at, then you should be using audio!
It's Time To Ditch The PDF Download!
There's a virtual graveyard of PDFs living on most of your audience's computers, most of them never even opened.

It's painful to spend time creating valuable content that's never consumed!

When you put content into an audio format, you make it SO much easier for your audience to consume — and when it's easier to consume, most people actually do :) 

Think about it…

Downloading a 50-page ebook and finding the time to sit in front of your computer and read it…?

No, thank you.

Clicking a link on my phone that opens up the podcast player you already use, and then tuning in while you go about your day getting stuff done…?

Yes, please!

And it’s not just easy for your audience. It’s easy for YOU, too!

What content do you already have, whether written or video, that you could easily turn into audio? We’re talking blog posts, old newsletters, video courses, speeches you’ve given, or that folder of Facebook lives that are just sitting there.

You can take that **already existing** content you’ve created, and turn it into a format that your busy audience would be WAY more likely to enjoy.

Put Yourself In the Right Place At The Right Time

In these recordings of an exclusive LIVE event (all delivered online), you’ll hear this incredible group share their most effective marketing strategies from 2021 as well as their insights into the trends that will continue to influence the way you and I do business.

Here's the best part...

Access to this powerful event is less than $100 (more on this in a moment). 

Is It Really That Easy To Do This?


Tech tools shouldn't slow you down. It was important to us not to build another complicated tech tool - the market's already full of them!
Over 70% of all our new users launch their first audio feed in less than 24 hours
But don’t take our word for how easy it is - listen to what our users say.

Create Your Audio Asset For FREE With Hello Audio 

If you're not a Hello Audio user already, you can try it free. During the course, just sign up for a 7 day free trial - no credit card required! 

Stronger Connections = More Conversions

When you get a new lead to your email list, you want to create an instant connection with them. The stronger the connection, the more likely it results in more conversions

But there’s only so much personality that comes across in a PDF, right? 

Audio let's your audience hear and feel your brand, creating immersion with your audience.

It’s more intimate, more convenient, and has a higher perceived value that even the most beautifully designed checklist. 

It's time to elevate your brand and your relationship with your audience.

It's Time To Grab More Attention With Audio!


Exclusive Audio Access to the Challenge Content

You guessed it! We're delivering all the challenge content in an exclusive private podcast that you can listen to on the go! Every idea, insight, tip and trick will be captured and you'll be able to listen to it again and again whenever and where ever you'd like. And we're here to support you when you need it!
  • ​How to craft a winning marketing message for cold traffic
  • 50 easy ways to promote your audio lead magnet & get more leads 
  • ​High converting audio lead magnet ideas that are easy to create and will wow your audience
  • ​What to do if you're not sure your audience is "techy" enough for audio
Answering these questions and many more, this 5-day challenge will change the way you look at lead generation in your business!

On Demand Support & Guidance

Get insights for YOUR specific business
This on-demand challenge comes with on-demand support! There are 3 ways you can get support:
  • ​Join our Hello Audio Facebook Community and connect with over 1400 inspiring business owners who are using audio in their business.  
  • Email our team directly with questions - tech questions, marketing questions - we'll have you covered!
  • ​Show up to our LIVE Audio Feed Friday calls where we'll provide insight and guidance on Zoom

Audio Marketing Strategy Session Recording

Get insights on how to leverage audio in your business!
Deciding what content might make the best audio lead magnet for your audience? 

Get advice and guidance from our resident strategist who has consulted on thousands of marketing campaigns and helped sell over half a billion dollars online.

"Tackle The Tech" Workshop Recording

Step-by-step guidance so you get up and running FAST!
We're not going to let the tech get in your way! We're taking the guesswork out of getting your audio feed created. We’ll go step by step through the easier-than-you-think process to help you get your feed launched FAST! 

Advanced Audio Marketing Tactics Workshop Recording

You never knew podcasts could be used like THIS!
Want to take it a step further? In this session we’ll dive into how to leverage Hello Audio’s advanced audio marketing features. Learn how to leverage podcast personalization, advanced listener segmentation, dynamic content, actions, automations, and listener behavior triggers.

BONUS: Canva Mockup Templates

Create podcast phone mockups for promotional social posts in minutes with these templates. 

Join Attract With Audio & Create Your Audio Lead Magnet In Just A Few Days

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Hosted By The Founders of Hello Audio

For the past 20+ years, we've been helping business leaders like you make an impact in their world.

To create an impact, you need people to hear you.

As business owners, content and course creators, consultants and coaches, we initially created Hello Audio to meet our own needs. We've witnessed the power of audio, and created Hello Audio to make it even easier for you to harness that power in your business.

We can't wait to show you how our users are using audio in their business and how you can too!

Always Listening,

Lindsay, Derek & Nora 🎧⚡️
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